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About Cornwall

Found in the west of wonderful Britain on a peninsula fall into the Atlantic sea, Cornwall is practically surrounded by water, offering a spectacular shoreline for almost 300 miles

What’s so special about it?

There are many things Cornwall is enjoyed for; the significant shoreline with its stunning fishing harbours; the splendid beaches and the adventurous surf that offer a natural game to express yourself; as well as the famous Cornish pasty and also cream teas.

Beyond imagination

king arthurs hall Cornwall also has another great deal that may surprise you such as the amazing Bodmin Moor, a granite moor land on the eastern side of Cornwall with its King Arthur’s Hall as one of the famous prehistoric remains. Here lies Siblyblack Lake, Colliford Lake, and Crowdy reservoirs which were originally part of Dozmary Pool, a glacial origin on its own time.

siblyback lakeCornwall has a tremendous history based on its Celtic origins; its Celtic Cornish culture; the heat and also friendliness of individuals; as well as the Cornish language that could be seen in the town names.

Travel about Cornwall and you’ll uncover a widely unique landscape
In the far west where the sea transforms blue-green in the sun, the sand is white and also the natural light is sometimes blindingly brilliant, the land is decorated with a tradition of Bronze age standing rocks, significant granite interment chambers, Celtic crosses as well as divine wells.

About Ambothan Cottageambothan-cottage

Ambothan Cottage located on the best spot to explore the beauty of South West region of Cornwall.

All major routes of Cornwall are easily accessible and within five-minute walk, popular location like St Ives (centre of arts and crafts), Tintagel (the legend of King Arthur), and Lancelot Garden can be spotted easily.


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